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March 2009



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Mar. 28th, 2009


(no subject)

I am

wasted potential.



Jan. 1st, 2009


Killing time with my rhymes... though it ain't worth a dime and it's a sour lime....

I love being stuck in the house because the drinking began before I even woke up.

I love being that age where you want to get away and do everything--and get away with it--while legally being rooted to whatever situation or place your legal guardian(s) leave you to.

I love not understanding what any feelings I have mean.

I love how I can give memories to intangeable and inanimate things.

I love hate.

And I love the sarcasm oozing from these words.

Sep. 2nd, 2008


Radicalized by reality

Every time I watch the news, I get angry. I want to break shit and riot in the streets. I want to scream the truth to everyone and have them feel the way I feel... but no one does.

No one wants to get violent when some kid gets 12,000 volts sent through him.

No one can understand that you CAN fight fire with fire; Violence CAN be the answer.

In a system that is inherently violent for its sustainability, violence can only be the true way to take it down. It's true what Derrick Jensen says--violence only flows in one direction: down the class order. Those on top of the pyramid get away with unspeakable violence to those below, while the flow reversed is deplorable, unthinkable, and illegal.

I watch what's happened and what is still happening in Denver and St. Paul with the DNC and the RNC. I watch riot police behind their gas masks and sheilds. And I watch humans beat, shoot and arrest other humans.

And I wonder how blind people can be... even though the answer of "completely" is being screamed at me from the lungs of battered protesters.


Our way of civilization is based on fear. It keeps us at home; complacent in front of our T.V.s--where we only know what they tell us. It keeps us from walking out on our jobs and into the streets to demand a fair wage and a favorable system in which to work, if at all, in order to just fuckin survive... and barely so on GE foods and fluoridated water.

So yes, I am a radical if you must label. I'm certainly not a Democrat or a Republican... nor am I a Republicrat or a Democrian. I have hesitations about deeming myself an Independant. I would rather be a radical--ready at any moment to risk arrest for exercising my inalieable rights such as free speech and the right to assemble.

Let them take me away--because without my rights and my personal freedoms, there is nothing in this system for me. There is nothing but brutal clockwork that drives people insane, to suicide and to drug addiction. There is nothing for us in this sysem because we are nonexistent in this system......

Unless we make ourselves heard, seen and understood.

Jul. 2nd, 2008



HIYA!!! Does this work??  No one's liiiiisssssstennnninggggg!!!!!!!


i plow
the fields
and feel

paaahhhhhh......... magic...... or magik